#GypsyDiaries: Nogas Island, Anini-y, Antique

This is a late post, I have to admit. I was stuck in piles and piles of work that I wasn’t able to grant my promise to post about Nogas Island earlier. But anyways, here goes.

It was part of a class requirement. We had to shoot a short video output that centered on the idea of how gadgets are now being used by teenagers. So we thought of a place where we can set our shoot.

We immediately considered Nogas Island because it’s just near the university. Plus it’s quite cheaper compared to other destinations we thought of. So we went for it.

On the way there, we decided to start the shoot at the top bunk of the jeepney because we’re such fun-loving kids and we would always do it when we have the chance. Hahaha!

The town of Anini-y is around a 2-hour ride away from Miagao. We went down at Siraan Hotspring where we had to pay a certain amount as environmental fee. We were also escorted to the boat, where we paid P500 for the entire trip, back and forth.


Photo from IG: @mackybaggins

Tip: You can decide what time you will be fetched from the island but locals would suggest you don’t go as late as 5:30pm because waves become bigger by that time which will make a rough travel going back to the mainland.

The boat can only occupy 10 passengers, according to the boatmen there.

From the mainland, it was a 30-minute boat ride going to the island. The shore of the island is rough as it is mainly of rocks and sediments.

When we arrived there, we looked for an available cottage and paid P300 for it. We settled down and proceeded with the shoot.

I have to tell you, though, there’s not much in Nogas Island. It doesn’t have rides or the thrill of hike, or whatever. What it has is an eerie silence and serenity that I enjoyed as I am a queer person who loves mystery and adventure.

But here are some of the Instagram-worthy spots you can check when you get there:

  1. The Calachuchi Path. I’ve seen this in the past as it is almost always the site where people take their pictures when they visit Nogas Island. It’s a path that has been lined with calachuchi trees arching over the path.


    Photo from IG: @mackybaggins

  2. The Lighthouse. You have to ask permission though if you can enter and climb the lighthouse. This is just at the far end of the calachuchi path.


    Photo from IG: @mackybaggins

  3. The Old Tree. Creepy and astonishing. It spreads wide. We actually climbed it. My mom, as a very superstitious woman, would be very furious when she sees pictures of me lying on its tree barks. Hahaha!


    Photo from IG: @mackybaggins

  4. The Other Side of the Island. Although I didn’t personally go there, my team mates did and they said it was different from the front side of the island, the one facing the mainland. The other side has rock formations.
  5. The Sea! Make sure to bring goggles because Nogas Island biodiversity has sure a lot to offer. It’s just a struggle to get to the middle of the sea because you can’t walk, as there are corals that house the rich biodiversity of Nogas Island.


    Photo from IG: @mackybaggins

So there goes my Nogas trip. For those planning to go there, here are some reminders (based on our experience):

Bring enough money, as I have mentioned prepare P500 for the boatride which can carry at most 10 passengers. There is food in the mainland but none at the island. The island has an eerie silence so don’t make so much noise. Hahaha!



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