Going Gaga: Four Years and Counting

Thank God for Facebook memories! Yesterday, June 30, I was reminded of what I posted on Facebook four years ago, June 30, 2013. I was a freshie on college then and the classes just got started. I never knew until a few years later how much that post would change my life.

So I was scrolling my Facebook memories of that day, I found out that four years ago, I posted I was watching Lady Gaga with the caption, “Starting to love her.”


It hit me, bull’s eye.

When I come to think of it, like really ponder about it, I’m not yet a long-time Gaga fan. I once recalled how and when I started appreciating and loving her. I cannot remember (until today). But I remember feeling frustrated then because I cannot recall how I got to the level of affection for Gaga that I have right now. It’s like I completely lost memories of my childhood. But then Facebook Memories happened and it was such a moment of surprise and overflowing relief and happiness. Finding out when I started to become a Little Monster put everything in place.

So it was 2013. It was the year Gaga released her ARTPOP album — the album that was her commercial failure and according to critics, also a critical flop. Perhaps it was the time when Gaga was not in a successful phase of her career. But one thing is for sure, it was the time that I get to meet her and her art, and that changed my life forever.

Four years of loving Lady Gaga. It has been a wonderful four years of art, art-making, empowerment, inspiration, and liberation. If you would ask me how Gaga changed my life, I would probably smile and sigh at first thinking where I’d start to explain.

My being a Little Monster isn’t just about loving the songs, listening and memorizing them, nor is it just about watching the performances and wanting to do the same thing. It is more than these. I love Gaga in her entirety, and not just the fragmented parts of her being.

She taught me to love making art and to appreciate the creative process. Mostly, I got this from watching her interviews. I get to absorb how she creates her output: her songs, her music videos, her concert and performance ideas.


Photo from NYT Style Magazine.

I believe every artist has his/her own creative process and rituals when they want to achieve the proper mindset or establish the mood when to create their pieces of art. When it comes to Gaga, because she is a talented musician, she would just sometimes sit on the piano and play, create melodies. There are instances when the words just hit her. I have always been amazed of how (the process) she creates her art and that taught me to respect and appreciate my own creative process, as well as respect that of others.


Lady Gaga also taught me to adore fashion. It was her who influenced me to dress up, and just dress up according to my mood. I started to love the thrill of thrift shopping, trying out unusual fashion and creating my own style because it gives me so much liberty to break free from the conventional, which I also learned from her. She had always had this image of a bizarre human being, a deviant that is admirable because she has so much liberation that you also want for yourself.

As a performer, she taught me to love the stage and the attention that right now, I may have become more and more of an attention-seeker. I want to be at the center. I want to be looked at. And to achieve that, she taught me to be different from the rest. She taught me not to always conform to the majority. I learned from her the beauty of the road less taken. And in being different, that is where we will shine the brightest, as performers.

Finally, her entirety, has taught me to always have liberation. Her attitude of always thinking out of the box and of something different has made me explore my artistry and to get in touch with the unusual themes for art-making, even taboos. Because breaking norms is actually liberating. It is indeed an ecstatic feeling to have the freedom to create what I want to create and not letting people or society restrict my creativity. I also realized that conformity and being a slave to the standards of the society is a choice, although it is hard to get away from these, but it is not totally impossible.

I tell people to choose their role models wisely. Those who will make them a better person, who will teach them to live and appreciate.

Now that I’ve been with Gaga for four awesome years, I’m already looking forward to more years with her. I’m always excited with what she’s up to. I can say that whatever she decides to do, I’m a hundred and one percent in support. I owe a part of me to her. Actually, it’s more like a part of me is already her.


So here’s to four years, and counting, of going Gaga!

Feature photo from: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/lady-gaga-shape-super-bowl-halftime-performance/story?id=45314456


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