My Top 10 Favorite Taylor Swift Songs

In celebration of Taylor Swift’s comeback to the stream world, I’m gonna share with you my top ten favorite Tay songs. But just to clarify, I am not a Swiftie. Honestly, I used to dislike Taylor for her dating mess and her pseudo-feminist calls. But that’s just one part of her. I love Taylor Swift as a singer, particularly as a songwriter. As a writer, I love her lyrics, how much she makes words merge into phrases and sentences and put emotions into them that are very much heartfelt.

So here are my Top 10 Favorite Taylor Swift songs.

10. Speak Now

A Taylor Swift narration through a song which I love because of the idea of crashing a wedding to fight for the man that you love. I love how Taylor seemed to have just turned a script into a song with a naughty vibe of disobeying rules and norms. Taylor Swift made the idea of crashing a wedding a fun and romantic one.

9. Wildest Dreams

This one speaks of tragedy even in the first part. The vibe of the song feels distant — a persona distant from the one she is speaking to. The phrase “wildest dreams, aaah” in the chorus was also a catchy one, a usual T.S. element. Notice how the words in the chorus seem to just glide in the melody as if its meant and perfect to be there? Taylor magic.

8. Style

I liked this song even more because of its music video, its sleek editing, and of course, the guy’s eyes. The song has a vibe of naughtiness in its chorus lyrics. The namedropping of James Dean makes the lyrics intriguing. I’ve also heard this name mentioned in Gaga’s songs before.

7. Long Live

This song also narrates a story that happens in years. It plays with imagery of kings and queens and of royalty and the escalation of the song up to its sudden drop in the chorus is just catchy, I love it. Makes you wanna jam!

6. Sparks Fly

“Something you would scream-sing in a concert” — that’s how I would describe this song. Or is it just because of the song’s MV? The first line of the chorus, “drop everything now” is kind of commanding that you also just wanna drop everything at the moment and just sing.

“I see sparks fly whenever you smile.” Still a romantic line despite the hard drop of instruments in the chorus.

5. Our Song

One of the very first Taylor songs which has a strong country feels. I just love the giddy, naughty, teenage infatuation vibe of the song. A feel-good that is best sang along. I sometimes find myself singing along to this song due to its naturally catchy chorus and lyrics.

4. Begin Again

Every time I listen to this one, I imagine a slow-motion video of two people enjoying their time together. I wanna meet this guy who seems very compatible to the persona of the song. A feel-good; makes you miss the feeling of being in loved.

3. State of Grace

This song has a country vibe, the Red album type of country that I’ve always loved about Taylor. I like the drum beats, they make the song jam-able!

2. Enchanted

The subtle start conjures a lighted venue against the darkness of the star-studded sky image. It is a feel-good song that even a cynic and heartbroken person like me wants to fall in love again. This song is about the imagery of the lyrics, which I so love.

1 . Dear John

One of the most sentimental songs of Taylor that speaks right through me. She narrates a story using an entire song, and I personally feel like I am the persona of the song even though I don’t really play chess and I haven’t experienced most of the situations in the song. It’s the way Taylor conveys the emotions that got me carried away with the sadness and tragedy of the story. And that is what I mean when I said I love Taylor as a songwriter. She is able to connect her own experiences to that of her listeners.

So there you have it. What do you think of my list? Justifiable? Haha! Share your thoughts with me. Drop a comment, if you may. And don’t forget to hit Follow. Thank you!


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