Decoding JOANNE

JOANNE is released today!

And while we are still busy replaying the songs and taking our personal picks from the 13 amazing tracks of the album and gripping our chests for Lady Gaga’s rawness, E Online has written an article on the lyrics of the tracks, decoding the stories of each.

Read it here: Heartbreak, Loss, Lust and Illusion: Decoding Lady Gaga’s Emotional Lyrics From Joanne.



I say, one of the best things about this album is the lyrics. We’ve always known Gaga as the pop star famous for the catchy tunes of Bad Romance and Pokerface. But JOANNE is different. Gaga said she wants to build a connection between her songs and the people who will listen to it. Thus, JOANNE’s songs are more personal, if one only reads behind the lines. The country/funk/pop vibe of the album also distances itself from the previous records. This, I suppose, is a risk Gaga is willing to take to emphasize her point: good music and self-expression before the expectations of the public. In this case, it still turned out to be a masterpiece.

Two thumbs up, Mother Monster! I love you even more. ❤

©Articel from Photo from Rick Diamond, Getty Images


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