Help a Child’s Dream Come True!

Hi! I’m Macoy.

Just recently I joined this organization called Catalyst UPV which is mainly into helping shape communities by encouraging its youth to participate in our leadership workshops. Basically, we go to barangays and conduct forums, teaching teenagers the concept of a leader and leadership and helping them think for their community.


Photo from CatalystPH.

Visit our Twitter and Facebook sites for more informations and pictures of our community immersions!

Catalyst UPV has this project called Handum Toog, which is to improve the Day Care center of Barangay Toog in Miagao, Iloilo, Philippines. Their Day Care center caters the local children and the sole teacher there works more for her love for the children rather than the small salary she receives every month. So Catalyst UPV chose this project to inspire the children to go to school and continue dreaming despite the fact that the nearest elementary school is a 2-hour walk from the barangay and the nearest high school is located in town, which is a lot farther.

We are looking for people who want to be part of this endeavor to inspire the children of Barangay Toog. By means of donation, you and your company can be part of reaching their dreams. For more info, check the brochure below. 🙂

Handum Toog Brochure 🙂

If you wish to donate, you can email me at or message me on Facebook or on Twitter.


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