I was Lady Gaga!


Last September 2, 2016, we had our Acquaintance Party for our academic organization, the fabulous Skimmers, consisting of Communication and Media Studies and Literature students. An acquaintance party is never to be taken for granted here in our university because you can never anticipate how much preparation students will do for this one night.

Our theme was Hollywood. And because I don’t want to dress up like Audrey Hepburn and to find several Audrey Hepburns at the venue (since she’s popular and pretty), I decided to go for Lady Gaga – my mistress. I asked myself, “Which look will I slay?”

I decided I’d go for the Telephone look since it’s relatively easy to find a black bra, black jacket, canned soft drinks, and shards of glasses.

And aside from showing off, I also went for Gaga because I want to be empowered. And to empower. On Facebook, I wrote:

“I used to say I won’t cross-dress. Because I was afraid of being criticized. Society has always frowned upon gays who wear skirts or dresses or lesbians who wear guy clothes since most norms were constructed on the grounds of patriarchy. That this is for this and that is for that. An enclosed dichotomy of man and woman. But I will not have people telling me I should not wear this or that because it’s inappropriate. And now that I understand better, to hell with them.

There’s two ways to perceive this photo: an outrageous cross-dresser or an empowered deviant. So what’s it gonna be for you?”

So behold, Lady Gaga!

Did I pull it off? 🙂

©All rights reserved. Photos by UPV Sipat.


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