Dance to Inspire Lives

Typhoon Yolanda, or internationally known as Typhoon Haiyan, hit the Philippines November of 2013. It was said to be one of the strongest typhoons to hit the country, lashing establishments, flooding places, wiping out traces of homes, and killing people. One of the badly affected areas is Western Visayas, particularly the north tip of Panay Island. It was a sad moment for the nation. A moment of seemed hopelessness for victims, for widows, widowers, and orphans. But somewhere and sometime, the spirit of Bayanihan has to emerge.

In cooperation with UPV Hublag Dance Company, UNICEF sent help to the survivors of the typhoon, particularly conveying message of hope to children. Hublag organized a flashmob in two of the affected areas of the typhoon, Concepcion in Iloilo and Pan-ay in Capiz.


The members of UPV Hubalg Dance Company. Photo by Marianne Lebuna.

Bringing with them shirts, school stuff, and their beaming smiles, Hublag members danced with the kids. A very simple thing but something that can make a child who had witnessed the cruelty of the world smile and temporarily get lost in e moment of joy.

Watch here the videos of Hublag’s two flashmobs, featuring the kids of Concepcion and Pan-ay. With the help of UNICEF. Spread hope and joy! Spread love! 😀


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