Fictional Boyfriend 002: Mr. James March of AHS: Hotel

James March, a serial killer who preys on people residing in his self-designed hotel, is the character portrayed by our very own Evan Peters from the four previous American Horror Story seasons.

Look at how sexy he is in his elegant mustache and suit. And holy molly, Peters’ modified voice for Mr. March is goddamn sexy. His murder scenes were bloody. And as a blood-fearing person that I am, I am supposed to cringe at the thought of amputations and of blood spurting everywhere. But his sexiness has always got me through every scene.
Well, what I find funny about Mr. March is that he is in love with The Countess who does not reciprocate it. So now, perhaps, I’m gonna be the Countess – one who can love Mr. James March back. Just add some romantic and erotic moments there minus the being-a-ghost-eternally-trapped-inside-the hotel part. That part, I hate.
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