Fictional Boyfriend 001: Asher Millstone of HTGAWM

Connor may be sexy with his likewise sexy boyfriend, and Wes is also a hottie. But Asher still wins my heart. In the former parts of the series, How To Get Away With Murder, he tends to be the ‘bullied’ one, the last person in the group to know about the murder of Annalise’s husband. Back then, he is your cute college lad – buff yet totally wacky and very into jokes.


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But on the later part of the series, his character developed into a more serious one and even had a romantic affair with Bonnie (who I imagined I was at some point in my life). From the cute guy that he was, he totally become the new hottie with the gravity of his role in the circle. Oh my, Asher. Can I be your Bonnie? 😉


Photo not mine.

Anyways, anybody here who knows this guy? Share your thoughts with me. Comment below.

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