Where the Mountains Meet the Sea – Antique, Philippines

My name is Macoy and my home province is Antique. For quite some time, Filipinos have been clueless of our province since it wasn’t really well-known in terms of economic growth and tourism. It is a simple province filled with lush of forests and mountains and the deep blue hue of its beaches. When asked where our province is located, one would likely to say, it’s beside Iloilo, a popular city in the Visayas, and somewhere near the global sensation, Boracay. Back then, Antique used to hide beneath the shadows of other Visayan cities and famous places like Iloilo, Boracay, and Cebu. Invincible against the Hiligaynons and relatively ordinary in terms of TV exposure. As a matter of fact, we were only recognized for our famous tagline Where the mountains meet the sea which actually wasn’t really widespread.


Photo from philchal.org

But not anymore. In recent years, Antique is starting to gain recognition and fame from both local and international audiences. We have been establishing the identity of our province with our natural tourist spots as capitals. Now that a lot of tourist spots were discovered, Antique has been welcoming wanderlusts from around the globe to enjoy what our province has to offer.

We have beautiful beaches, particularly in our islands, which can equal the grandeur of Boracay and Palawan. Mararison Island is one of those. Just a 30-minute boat ride from the main land, this island is located opposite to Mt. Madyaas, the highest mountain of the province. The island overlooks the huge mountain range which appears like a panoramic view of a gigantic wall of greens. You can also hike the hills of Mararison Island overlooking the sea around it and the main land.


The UPV Hublag Dance Co. posing against the Mt. Madyaas background at sunrise.


Photo by Marianne Lebuna

Then, the Seco Island of Tibiao. Named after the Kinaray-a term for ‘elbow’, this virgin island is yet another phenomenon. With its white sand beach and clear water, tourists will sure to enjoy and appreciate the marine wildlife of this island.


Photo from boyetstour.blogspot.com

And never forget to spend the twilight near the shore to experience the Antique sunset. One of the saddest beauties of nature.


Photo not mine.


Photo not mine.

In addition, Antique is also famous for its Kayaking experience. This can be found in the town of Tibao, where you can also have fun in Tibiao’s Fish Spa and discovering forest-hidden waterfalls.

Of course, there are lot more Antique has to offer. So if you want full disclosure and experience, read here for the full details including accommodations, price range, and more places to discover. 🙂

Here is the website and the Facebook page of the Katahum Tours. Have fun!

©All rights reserved. Article photo by Ruperto Quitag



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