The Real-life Drama in Korea

Perhaps in contemporary time, when we hear of Korea we think of Korean singers, dancers, and pop groups who have been influencing the younger generation in terms of music, fashion, and beauty. But actually, we are solely talking of South Korea. North Korea is but a silent other half of the entire Korea separated by the 1950-53 war.


Relatives hold hands as the bus take off back to their respective sides of Korea.

I have known of the border that separates South and North Korea through an article I’ve read on the Internet. Unfortunately, this particular article was about the rare meetings organized by both governments for relatives to meet. It was shocking to learn about the border through a sad story of short meetings between decades of being apart.

I’ve read the article last year, in 2015. Now, I’m currently employed as an English tutor to Koreans for one month. And as of now, I’m doing fine with my students.


One of the classes I hold.

It was during one particular class when I asked my student the history of the war. And I’m saddened all over again as I re-read the article with heartbreaking photographs of elders, meeting for the first time in decades, trying to savor each moment of, most probably, their very last meeting for life. 😥

Click here for the entire article.

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