Recommended Reading #002

I stumbled upon this Facebook post of a photo of a very striking old lady and its caption. Seeing it wasn’t too long to read, I gave it a try. After reading what the photo was about, I felt a little nudge in my heart. Things like this remind me of the simple things in life. I feel like crying inside watching the genuine smile and the offer Lola gave. Faith in humanity restored! 🙂


I first suspected that this woman was a witch (or a healer or a shaman–they’re everywhere in Siquijor), because of the storm clouds that followed her. I went down the bike to investigate, and when I asked to take her photo, she told me she had no money. And in not-so-good-faith I assumed that she was asking me to give her some. As I showed her her photograph, she smiled a smile wider than her face and told me again that she had no money. And then she told me that I had made her very happy with the photograph I took. And she asked me to please take the eggs that she had just bought, for it was all she could afford to pay me for the photograph.

I will never forget you, lola 🙂 You remind me of the good things in this world.

Siquijor photo diary:

(I mean witch in the best possible way, I find em wicked cool )


© Facebook account of Hannah Reyes Morales


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