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This poem, currently entitled ‘7/31/16’, needs a better title. Can you suggest for one? Read it again here to examine what better title you can give. 🙂 Advertisements


I’d count how many strands of hair there are in his eyebrows — left and right. I’d stay up all night just to see how he slowly opens his eyes in the morning; and how the very first rays of the sun reveal the chestnut beneath the ebony of his eyes. I’d fall in love with how he flips his lashes like big Malay fans creating mini-winds that leave my heart somersaulting.   ©All rights reserved. Photo not mine.

Recommended Reading #004

I was skimming my Facebook newsfeed when I saw one sad video of a Syrian child crying over his dead father, who was a member of a civilian group rescuing victims of the recent bombings. Such a heartbreaking moment watching a child lose his father due to the violence of this world. I want to…

The Last Breather of a Dying Language

Language is one of the cores of our identity as people, as a race, and as a society. The uniqueness and complexity of one language is precious to the native speakers of it. Not only does language serve as a means of communication but more importantly, it serves as a container of native memories and emotions for each…