Hollow Happiness Feels: Chungking Express, 1994.

“Tonight I fell in love with two men.”

I watched Chungking Express December 29 last year and it was unforgettable. The movie has two narratives. The first one was about a police officer who can’t seem to forget his ex-girlfriend. He met this woman in a bar, which without his knowledge, was in a middle of a crisis regrading her illegal activities. They talked and the man ended up bringing the drunken girl in a hotel room, but nothing sexual happened. The morning after, the man left the hotel room and few days after, he received a birthday greeting from the woman. It was a hollow happiness perhaps because he rarely receives birthday greetings, and now coming from a woman, that particular greeting will forever be remembered. But how sad to think they never met again.


The other story was about a lady who fell in love with a police officer who habitually buys food from their stall. She got really into him that she started sneaking inside his apartment to meddle with his things and clean his place. He knows nothing of it, especially her feelings towards him. When the guy found himself attracted to the lady, they were supposed to meet, however, the lady went to study abroad and when she came back, she was already a flight attendant and the guy was already the owner of their food stall.

It is an hour-and-a-half movie and it starred two Asian men that are just good-looking and really dynamic in character. The first one has thick eyebrows that accentuate his thin eyes. The combination of both is just sexy. And then the other one looks like a Filipino and his character is just so masculine, independent, fun and very gentleman.

Chungking Express is a heartbreaking movie for me. This is because both stories have open ending and it’s just sad not to see the couples end up as they should be. Maybe it’s just sad because these two men that I fell in love with have the characters that I would want my future man to have: very independent, gentleman and have peculiar habits to match mine.

These kinds of movies make me feel this weird ‘hollow happiness.’ It’s that feeling initiated by open endings, where you are kind of happy because nothing tragic happened and it’s something good, right? But the open ending is too vague to suggest whether the characters end up with each other or at least even meet sometime in the future. So I ended up thinking they were happy for the life they have even if it’s not with each other. And it’s kind of tragic, as well, right? But not tragic enough because the characters are happy. But hell, why not just let them end up together? 😥

It’s that feeling.


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