The Crown is Staying!

When I heard about the great news, I was riding the bus back to Miagao, perhaps just 30 minutes from the time I left Hamtic. I stayed completely calm and normal but within me, Joy was already running around the headquarters of pure bliss. We did it again! – I said to myself. I’m mostly happy of the fact that I was able to contribute to the triumph of our tribe and that all my effort and worries paid off. I really wanted to cry there with my former teachers but as I am needed back in Miagao, I dragged myself back here.

For those clueless of what I’m referring to, Tribu Tigre of Governor Julian Fullon Pacificador National School, once again, triumphed over its five competitors during the 2016 Sumakwelan Festival Malay-Ati Tribe Competition. Tribu Tigre once again roared and proven its ferocity in performing Ati and Malay. Headed by their Principal, Jose Angel Cordero, tribe managers, Mrs. Marina Juanillo and Mrs. Betsy Detoro, and all the GJFPNS teachers and staff, together with alumni and parents, the tribe united one more time for another competition to defend the title.


Sir Jose Angel Cordero, Principal of GJFPNS, poses with their trophy as Champion. (Photo by Rene Lapor)

I had been there, for several times, during rehearsals and I’ve seen how these students became performers. One of the first few things that popped into my mind when I heard the news was that: I am really happy to have, somehow, contributed to the success of my tribe. The constant reminders to smile and give it all were worth it.


The Atis in their energetic opening routine. Truly a crowd favorite. (Photo by Rene Lapor)

I had also been there assisting our dear teachers, or at least offering them my presence with whatever assistance they may ask. What I always remind myself is that I can never be who I am today without them, so I guess, it’s payback time. 🙂


The performers (with me) while waiting for the Street Dancing competition to start. (Photo by Rene Lapor)

I hope our other alumni can find time to visit our Alma Mater one of these days. The changes that the school has undergone were only proofs of progress – progress that the school administration welcomes warmly if given the sufficient support.

To my fellow alumni, our tribe has won again! Our cubs made grand-slam history. And while we celebrate this victory, let us again remember that these students went to school to study, in the first place. So let us support their education as much as we support the tribe last time. I personally would want more books for our school so students can explore more about literature. Anyways, congratulations Tribu Tigre! You truly make us proud. 🙂


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