As I watch the world continue to revolve, I cried a little. I know it wasn’t very likely for the world to stop just because my heart did.

I lost you the moment I said it. I lost half of the burden I’ve been carrying. Lost it along with the thin hope of being loved back, for the first time. I lost any means of understanding Patience and Destiny. But the other half that stayed with me, are deep breaths and words to spill.

When you’ve been carrying the confession for a year and finally admits it and you were trying so hard to calm yourself as you get fidgety anticipating for an answer that’s gonna make or break you for the next months,

and all you got was nothing, what do you do?

You welcome Pain like an old friend saying ‘Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so.’

As a matter of fact, Pain stays with you. It sleeps with you, sings you lullaby, walks with you , breathes with you and think with you. Pain finds you, even beneath your brightest smiles and your loudest laughter.

It’s the only company you’ve got; hug it back.


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