I could have made a river Out of their tears, An executioner Of their pleading, An unhonorable man Of their curses. All I have to do Is break to their faces In sweet whisper The phrase, “We’re over.” Then I’d hear the shattering. [photo: http://anyesskho.blogspot.com/2011/06/alex-pettyfer.html] Advertisements

The One That Got Away

It’s very ironic how one can’t believe in a happily ever after yet he’ll be dreaming his own version of such, with the person he loves in it. That moment before you sleep; that 5-minute pondering about life, or sometimes replaying a scene from the day over and over again, or even creating a mental slideshow of the…

A Heartbreaking Ecstasy

That particular image of you looking as if you can’t smile even wider when the photo was taken, which I even saved on my laptop, keeps on flashing on my mind. It’s like breathing, or blinking; it automatically sticks to every thought happening inside my head and replaces the image my eyes see that for…


Just because I saw you, doesn’t mean you saw me. Perhaps you did but sadly, I was looking away. But I saw you beneath the curtain of rain and I thought our umbrellas would meet to kiss. But they didn’t so I continued walking. Away from  you, but towards loving again. [photo: http://sxyfrg.deviantart.com/art/Green-Stripes-120470712]