Deep Sighs

What is there to see
Other than your naked skin?
Vulnerable to my eyes,
A stimulus for snapshots of
Thoughts and reminiscences
I forbid myself.
Deep sighs.
As I try to annihilate
The emerging hunger in me;
Only flesh can quench,
Only connection can satisfy.
Execution is my only release.
Pebbles of water
Caressing your bare body
Fresh from bath.
Instead, I see my fingers
Running across your back,
Slipping between nooks
Of your lean temple;
My eyes meeting
The slowly flipping of yours,
Holding passionate gazes
Pulling me closer to you;
My lips consuming yours
With intense need,
While spilling utterances of pleasure
Each, more desperate
Than the previous one.
And I felt the romantic puncture –
I shake and blink my thoughts away.
Deep sighs.
Deep sighs.

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